New Work: Greenburgh Nature Center Celebrates 40 Years of Keeping Westchester Wild

My first memory of Greenburgh Nature Center was at a birthday party as a child. A friendly volunteer lead our troop of kindergarteners around the animal museum, taking snakes and lizards out of their cages as we squealed “ewwww!” in delighted disgust. We made our way into the small mammal room, where we were given the opportunity to pet a variety of fuzzy critters.

My downstairs neighbor at the time had a pet ferret, so disenchanted by their mischievous charm, I made my way over to one of the chinchillas.  I was hooked. The following months I was chinchilla-crazy — begging my mom to take us back on Saturday afternoons so I could revel in their pillowy softness. GNC became a favorite weekend retreat until we moved up to the sticks in Northwestern Connecticut, and nature lived right in my backyard.

When GNC contacted us about a rebranding project, the excitement for a place I loved as a child returned. The first part of the project was creating a tagline and logo to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. We decided on a fun and playful approach to reflect the spirit of the nature center.

You can see some of our process below:


GNC Logo ConceptsSB2-01



GNC Logo ConceptsSB2-02



GNC Logo ConceptsSB2-05



GNC Logo ConceptsSB2-03

GNC Logo ConceptsSB2-04



And the final result:





Donielle Stanton

<span class="team-name">Donielle Stanton</span><br>
Senior Media and Communications Specialist

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Donielle Stanton
<span class="team-name">Donielle Stanton</span><br> Senior Media and Communications Specialist

Donielle has more than 25 years of experience as a TV producer. Most recently she was a segment producer for the award-winning show “Good Day New York” on Channel 5. 

Over the course of 17 years she worked with wide variety of celebrities, politicians’, and newsmakers to deliver the best quality segments for live TV.  

Prior to that, she helped to create and launch CBS 2 local weekend morning news program.

She grew up in Hastings-on-Hudson and has extensive knowledge of Westchester County. Donielle currently resides in Hartsdale with her husband Chris and their 4 children.