Why a seasoned public relations team is more essential than ever in today’s shrinking media landscape

By: Diana Costello

2019 has gotten off to a brutal start for the media industry.

In just the past few weeks, as many as 2,100 people have lost jobs in the field, according to recent report published in New York. And even more have been reported since then.

These writers, reporters, editors, photographers and others are not just a statistic – they are close friends and insanely talented professionals. Many have dedicated their entire careers – plus personal lives, weekends and holidays – to their craft on behalf of the communities they serve.

Their loss is also all of ours. 

In the world of public relations, a shrinking media pool poses certain obvious challenges.

Having fewer people and fewer outlets available to cover your clients’ news makes it harder to secure that precious coverage. That’s where thoughtful, targeted pitches, tried-and-true relationships and quick and reliable turnarounds are essential.

At Thompson & Bender, a firm with over 30 years of experience, that’s our bread and butter.

Yet at the same time, today’s changing media landscape also poses opportunities for all of us in public relations.

Yes, the cliché is true: “Content is King.” But these days, I’d argue that “Distribution is Queen.” And just as in chess, the queen is arguably the most powerful piece.

Public relations revolves around quality content, but the means of distributing that content in today’s diverse, social and open media landscape is just as paramount. And that’s where Thompson & Bender’s nimble team can help take your business and brand to the next level. 

Let’s say your content starts out as a press release. Pretty standard for public relations. We pitch that press release to local, regional and maybe even national media outlets and you get great news coverage. Score! But that’s just the start.

That press release should also be repurposed into multiple social media posts – with photos for sure but if you really want to stand out, we can add short videos as well. Another score! Because anyone who’s ever managed a social media account knows that finding relevant, engaging and exciting content on a daily basis takes work – and time!

Next? We’ll take all of this beautiful content and design it into a Constant Contact or MailChimp. Now you have an email marketing campaign, too. Brilliant!

Just don’t forget we’ll also have to update your website. It’s so important to optimize your content and soak up all of those valuable keywords to help boost your “SEO” – or Search Engine Optimization – so that you appear high in an internet search.

When put together, each piece of this new public relations puzzle ultimately showcases a company that is thoughtful, engaging, professional, modern and responsive. And that is where the opportunity and the value of a wholistic public relations strategy lies. In the face of today’s shrinking media landscape, a seasoned public relations team becomes even more essential.

The irony, of course, is that all of these skills are best honed in a newsroom.

Guess what? Thompson & Bender was founded by journalists and employees a team of award-winning former reporters, producers and editors, making this your one-stop shop for any and all public relations, marketing, social media and advertising needs.

We live for this stuff, so you don’t have to! You’ve got a business to run!