It seems like in the wake of the Coronavirus, news is moving at the speed of light and it’s hard for consumers to keep up with the latest information. Our tip? Get the word out there. Coronavirus is something that is on the top of everyone’s mind. Businesses across all industries need to be prepared with both internal and external communications plans. Whether you’re a medical organization, a not-for-profit, educational institution, retail establishment, commercial/residential real estate or a small business, your customers want to hear from you. Here are some of our recommendations on making sure your message is reaching your audiences.

Who do you need to reach?

  • Create an internal communication plan
    • A process for reaching employees through combinations of emails, intranet postings, flyers/ posters, video/phone conferences, leader talking points, FAQs or a website situation room. The plan should identify simple, key messages, a reliable process and the vehicles for providing continual updates and collecting feedback from employees.
  • Create an external communication plan
    • A process for reaching external stakeholders, customers, media, shareholders, suppliers, local community, health care providers, analysts, retirees, union representatives, etc.
  • Communicate Often and Effectively
    • Communicate any new changes/updates to policy to consumers when you learn about them, don’t keep audience in the dark

How do you reach them?

  • Hold a Facebook Live Q&A
    • Answer questions that affect your customers and interact with them in real time
  • Post on Social Media or Send a Eblasts
    • Quickly get the word out to the public through posts (ie. news releases, official statements, video announcements, etc.) on social media and directly to customers through eblasts
  • Write a News Release or Media Alert
    • Organizations can use news releases to clarify the facts, and/or emphasize the actions they have taken
  • Signage
    • Add signage around your establishment to communicate any changes or reminders from the CDC (ie. hand sanitizing stations, remember to wash your hands, etc.)
  • Hold a Press Conference
    • If you’re in an industry that is directly affected by the Coronavirus, holding a press conference can be a good way to share facts with a mass audience

Please remember Thompson & Bender is here for you in all of your Coronavirus planning and don’t hesitate to call us at any time during this critical period.